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Our core values

  • Professionalism and integrity: We insist on the highest professional and strong work ethical standards, providing the highest quality service to our clients.
  • Respect: We recognize our seafarers and employees as individuals, stimulating them, challenging them for continuous improvement, and treating them with respect and dignity. We support each other to achieve common goals and share the importance of building a positive and supportive work culture where mutual respect, trust, and cooperation are the norm.
  • Commitment to clients & strong work ethic: We adapt and improve our services to meet clients' changing requirements and exceed their expectations. Our commitment ensures that we remain a trusted and reliable partner in the maritime industry.
  • People: Our seafarers and employees are the source of our strength. By caring for each other, together we create a strong team that is able to adapt to changes and challenges in order to deliver excellent results to our clients.
  • Focus on new innovative ideas and improvements: continuously enhance the quality of our services and operations.
  • Work – life balance: We create a healthy work environment where individuals can thrive, while finding the right balance both for our employees & seafarers in order to ensure satisfaction of all parties.
  • Environmental responsibility: We aim to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing our use of natural resources, minimizing waste and emissions, and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. We engage with our suppliers, seafarers, and other stakeholders to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability.
  • We are the Wind in your sails.


Split, 18.01.2023

Executive Director Josip Munitic

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